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I’m Noah, and I am a photographer in The New Jersey, New York, Metropolitan Area. I do travel around the country for sporting and musical events as well. I have to say that my passion in photography is capturing candid moments for my clients. I like to blend in, where you do not even know I am there so each moment is authentic.


Thanks for visiting my site!

I have been taking pictures for over 20 years, and during that time I have photographed in many different settings. My favorite, however, is sports photography.  


I graduated Hartwick College with a major in Photography, after bouncing around in a bunch of different art mediums. I started in drawing, dabbled in sculpture, and then found my passion in photography. You would find me in the dark room processing film (the old-fashioned way!) with both black and white and color photographs. Now I take photos with a digital camera and have even started using a mirror-less camera as well. I am a Canon guy!


Kinds of Photography Offered:


Sports Photography

  • Equine Photography

  • Mixed Martial Arts

  • Soccer Games

  • Baseball Games

  • Other


Event Photography

  • Choral Concerts

  • Instrumental Concerts

  • Studio Recitals

  • Rock Concerts

  • Non-Profit Fundraisers

  • Sweet 16th Parties

  • Christmas Parties

  • Other


Family/Child Candid Photo Shoot

  • Baby Photos

  • Engagement Photos

  • Family Photos


Corporate Photography

  • Building or Equipment Photos

  • Vehicle Photos

  • Other 


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